I’m a philosopher of psychology and fascinated by the relation between world and mind. Inspired by Gibsonian psychology, developmental systems biology, and science and technology studies, I aim to develop an ecological approach to psychology as a whole. The result should be informed by experiment but equally mindful of philosophy and the humanities.

Studying the intricacies of everyday life requires cross-disciplinary efforts. In my research I explore such topics as the temporality of the living world, perception, action and the notion of information, sociomaterial practices, language and reflective thought, and their various interconnections. You can find my publications and talks here.

I’ve taught courses in philosophy of mind and action to students of philosophy and of science and have been involved in supervising students at graduate and undergraduate levels.

My work is supported by a postdoctoral fellowship granted by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) for the project ‘Thinking in practice’. I’m currently based at the department of philosophical psychology at the University of Antwerp.